The Best Ecig that Taste Most Like A Real Cigarette


If you are a smoker like the rest of us and want a great alternative to cigarettes then check out the e cigarette. Works with a battery and flavored e juice that emits a vapor with the same nicotine kick! The V2 Cigs brand is advertising all over the place, so I noticed them right away.

Recently viewed a bunch of videos on them over at YouTube and listen to people talk about them and demonstrate how they work. Pretty cool as the vapor production on some look to be even better than than the real thing and the flavors are on the money.

The one that stuck out was this V2 Cig versus Green Smoke video targeting the red label flavor of the most popular cig Marlboro. It’s great to have this info ahead of time as I myself am looking for something that taste as close to what I smoke now, which is a red label.

To me this is very important as the idea of all together quitting is not an option as I do enjoy smoking and would rather not give it up, so these ecig thingies look to curb some of that need.

That Green Smoke emits a very bright LED on the end, not sure if that’s something I can deal with or not, may be too flashy for me. In the end it’s all about the taste and not so much the glitz.

What the hell, I’ll just try them both. They guys on the job better not make jokes or wisecracks or else they will be fired. Go work on someone else’s site if you want to snicker this stubborn mule. OK, maybe just a scolding will suffice. Needless, having the option for e-cigs on the job may just make things move quicker and smoother.

Best Time to Refinance Your Home and Properties

Is now the best time to refinance my mortgage and get that lower rate everyone else is getting? It depends on a few factors that have the most impact and we will discuss that here.

refinance my mortgage

Firstly, do you need to refinance? With the rates rising as we speak it may be best to wait it out until they drop again – and they will – they always do as this has been happening in the real estate niche for years, decades even.

If you have come to the conclusion that you do, then the most important thing to do is increase your credit score if it’s kind of lousy. Meaning, if the score is under 750 you need to boost it as this has a profound effect on how low a mortgage rate you can qualify for. Make sure the data from the credit agencies is correct and true, dispute any that are not and get them resolved right away.

A cool trick to really boost your score is by taking out a few payday loans online and pay them back on time without being late or any trouble.  This alone can bump your score 75 to 100 points!

Another factor is the amount of equity you already have in your home or property.  You want at least 20%, even bumping it to 30% will make a huge difference when it comes to refinancing your mortgage and obtaining the lowest refinance rates available right now and for the future.

And finally, your homes value and the value of other houses in the surrounding area have a significant impact as well.  So make sure you have your estimates up to date especially if you have completed any upgrades or renovations.

Choosing the Best Mortgage that Fits Like a Glove

types of mortgage - choosing which one


Is the best mortgage choice behind door number 1, 2, or 3?

So many options out there when it comes to mortgage and refinancing no matter if you are hunting for a new home or commercial property or planning to invest in a converted hotel condo.

Keep in mind, regardless of interest rate, that the longer the loan is (15 yr vs 30 yr) the more you will end up paying in the end. Head on over to this website and compare these lowest mortgage rates against their competitors to find the best rate for you.

Often times, even with a low interest rate like 5% – you can still end up paying more in interest than the loan is actually for if you decide to stretch it out over 30 yrs.

The 3 main mortgage types are:

  1. Adjustable rate (ARM)
  2. Fixed rate
  3. Balloon rate

Each of those has their advantages and disadvantages, it depends on your situation and what you plan to do with the home or property in the future.  If you are planning on investing in a commercial property than there are more options that are available due to various zoning regulations and so forth.

You can get examples of how much you pay in interest at this refinance mortgage website. It will definitely open your eyes to refinancing.

Research is important before you sign on the dotted line, what is popular today may not be tomorrow so keep up to date on your own and pay attention to the fluctuating mortgage rates and the overall health of the real estate market.

Save even more in other areas and free up additional cash flow each month. Get lower auto insurance quotes as a start.