The Best Ecig that Taste Most Like A Real Cigarette


If you are a smoker like the rest of us and want a great alternative to cigarettes then check out this VaporFi Review and just look at all their e cig options including herbal vaporizers (the Orbit). Works with a battery and flavored e juice that emits a vapor with the same nicotine kick! The V2 Cigs brand is advertising all over the place, so I noticed them right away.

Recently viewed a bunch of videos on them over at YouTube and listen to people talk about them and demonstrate how they work. Pretty cool as the vapor production on some look to be even better than than the real thing and the flavors are on the money.

The one that stuck out was this V2 Cigs versus Green Smoke video targeting the red label flavor of the most popular cig Marlboro. It’s great to have this info ahead of time as I myself am looking for something that taste as close to what I smoke now, which is a red label.

To me this is very important as the idea of all together quitting is not an option as I do enjoy smoking and would rather not give it up, so these ecig thingies look to curb some of that need.

That Green Smoke emits a very bright LED on the end, not sure if that’s something I can deal with or not, may be too flashy for me. In the end it’s all about the taste and not so much the glitz.

What the hell, I’ll just try them both. They guys on the job better not make jokes or wisecracks or else they will be fired. Go work on someone else’s site if you want to snicker this stubborn mule. OK, maybe just a scolding will suffice. Needless, having the option for e-cigs on the job may just make things move quicker and smoother.